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Induction Melting Furnaces for Foundries in Toronto, Canada, USA and Mexico, Latin American Countries, Europe, African Countries

Amelt Corp. is an independent company based in Toronto, Canada, specialized in the foundry (melting, forging and heating) industries and supplier of high quality Medium Frequency Induction Melting, Holding, Heating and Forging Furnaces from 100HZ to 200KHZ and also from 60gr. to 25000Kg capacity.

Amelt has evolved over time and technology to become a leading manufacturer and exporter of induction melting, holding, forging and heating furnaces throughout Toronto, Canada, USA and Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Africa. With over 25 years of experience our objective is to provide high quality services to steel & foundry industries (globally). With engineering excellence and high level of commitment towards quality, we have become one of the most trusted names in the field of induction furnaces.

With extensive knowledge in the international market, our products have the confirmation of the international standards, capable of meeting market demands. Our mission is to provide complete range of Induction Furnaces for reliable operation of induction equipment. The new and challenging market requirements inspire us to constantly innovate our technology and improve our products to suit our customers’ needs. Specifically, we manufacture induction melting furnaces for foundries; we have spare parts such as semiconductors , SCRs, coils, diodes, capacitors, firing boards, control boards for induction furnaces. Also we have big stuck of used and refurbished induction melting furnaces

Behind our success stand our progressive approach, proactive vision and ceaseless efforts to achieve excellence in our field. We know that in our competitive market breakdowns of furnaces due to lack of spare parts are costly; therefore we stock a large volume of products to serve our customers in a timely manner with reasonable price. Moreover, our cost effective production techniques enable our products to be competitively priced.

From coils, diode, fuses, SCRs, semiconductors, coil insulation materials to control boards, capacitors, resistors and more spare parts, we have them all. Aside from spare parts for OEM spare parts from major induction melting furnace manufacturers around world, we also have big stuck of used and refurbished induction melting furnaces. Our spare parts such as the diode, coil, semiconductor or SCR are high precision products. Since they are considered critical spares much attention must be observed. Hence, they are tested to ensure quality and safety for the benefit of research and customer satisfaction.

We buy for our stock all types of Used Induction Melting & Holding Furnaces, with Fabrication Machines, Large Capacity Heavy Duty Machines being our specialty. Complete Plants either quantities of individual machines or complete production facilities. Auctions of complete plants and for rationalization can be arranged on vendor’s behalf, with guarantees on realization. Valuations of your machinery are available on request.

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